Queckset® - the very simple first-aid-kit for use after break of energy-saving lamp.

First-aid kit for disposal of broken energie-saving-lamps (CFL) and their mercury-contaminated residuals.


Have you ever asked what to do if an energy-saving lamp breakes?


You are not so sure about a strange sign on packaging or lamp?


Recently you don't have read in your newspaper that energy-saving lamps (also called CFL) contain mercury and therfore they have to be recycled in hazardour waste?


Now you can act along the existing time- and materialconsuming advices out of internet, or you can store our new




in your household, for example near the new lamps, beside the electric-meter, in the distribution box, in a pantry, at the medicine-cabinet or beside the first-aid-kit or at any other easily accessible place.


What is Queckset® and what to do with?


With Queckset® you have a good-value and reliable tool for the complete and environmentally suitable disposal of mercury-contaminated glass-cullets and metalparts of broken energy-saving lamps (CFL). And together with every Queckset® you get inside a short manual with all necessary handling- and recycling-advices to minimize the health-risks and to realize an effective disposal of all broken parts you previously collected with Queckset®. Along with sensible energy-saving by use of energy-saving lamps (CFL) you can minimize health-risks in your household an help to keep the environement clean for our children in future.


How to use Queckset®


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